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Lingnan College has collaborated with the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia (USA) and ESADE Business School (Spain) to offer a new postgraduate program. The new program is designed for fresh graduates as well as for young professionals with relevant backgrounds and outstanding academic achievements. The purpose of this program is to train future business leaders in implementing g🧔lobal strategies in the real world, and to be able to cooperate well with a diverse range of groups while managing the teams with good cultural competence. The program will explore the🔴 complexities of the global business environment from North American, European and Asian perspectives.+

Prof. Josep Franch Dean of ESADE Business School, Spain "The program will provide a high-added-value experience that will prepare recent graduates – mainly from the Americas, Europe and Asia – to achieve excellence in the complex and dynamic global economy." "All three schools consider this program to be an integrative proposal in terms of both the curriculum and the various components of the academic and vital experience."
Prof. Nicole Thorne Jenkins John A.Griffin Dean, McIntire School of Commerce “Through our close collaboration with our outstanding partners at Esade and Lingnan, the Global 3 program provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to live and study at three top business schools on three continents. The diverse cohort brings a wealth of wide-ranging experiences to the transformative program, allowing students to develop their cultural capital along with their global business expertise. We are pleased that the program has already garnered a top 15 global ranking, as well as interest from multinational organizations wishing to hire our graduates. Students who graduate from Global 3 will join a truly international network of colleagues who will support their personal and professional growth for years to come.”

Why choose Global 3 Program?
  • Earn two official master's degrees from the University of Virginia and ESADE Business School, and a certificate from Lingnan College, three of the most prestigious universities in the world.
  • Learn from the most recognized professors at each university.
  • Preparing yourself to be a highly talented future business leader, who understands the complexity of implementing global strategies in a highly dynamic global economy and will be able to lead and manage multicultural teams.
  • Open your mind and broaden your visions while experiencing a strong cultural immersion by living with students from different countries.
  • Get access to three Career Services to increase you opportunities in working in your favorite industries.
Vincenzo Polverino
Suzann Slaunwhite
Rui Mao
Samy Ahmed
Patrick Sell
Daniel Friedrich
Admission Requirements
  • Bachelor's degree in Business studies, Economics or Management from a recognized university
  • A minimum TOEFL score at 100 or a minimum IELTS score at 7.0
  • A minimum GMAT score at 580 (or GRE equivalent)
  • Fresh graduates and young professionals with 2 years of full-time working experience or below
(Cross-cultural communication skills and overseas experience are advantages, although they are not required)
  • 01 Start an Online Application
  • 02 Complete your online application
  • 03 Upload required documents
  • 04 Interview with Lingnan admissions team
  • We encourage you to start an application early to review the essay questions in advance, choose recommenders, and begin entering required information. You may go back to the application at any time and make changes before submitting it for official review. The process has been streamlined to allow you to apply to the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce, ESADE Business School, and Lingnan College with one application. 
  • Please register and complete application via this system. You will be asked to provide personal details, education and professional background information. Then you will need to answer three questions about your perspectives in threes short essays. Please write a 300-500 words essay in English to each question. In order to apply successfully, we strongly advise you to provide answers that help the admissions committee to understand your global mindset, personal characteristics, achievements and skills/competencies you consider as crucial components.
  • Please prepare and upload soft copies (PDF version) of the following documents (all documents should be in English or both English and Chinese). Please name your documents as the following:
    University Transcript
    University Degree Certificate (If you have not obtained any degree yet, please provide a certificate of enrollment)
    Language Proficiency TOEFL or IELTS report
    GMAT or GRE report
    Up-to-date Resume
    Recommendation letter 1 & 2
    Note: Recommendation letter could be submitted through email to (sent directly from the recommender with an official email address)
  • International Relations Office of Lingnan College will notify you if you have been selected for an interview. Online interview can be arranged for candidates who are not based in Guangzhou, China.
Expand Your Global Business Knowledge and Skills The curriculum includes an integrative selection of coursework along with a master thesis that students will complete by the end of the year. In addition to receiving a strong grounding in global business frameworks, students will be trained in effective cross-cultural collaboration, and also in development of adaptive capabilities to variable business environment. 
  • McIntire School of Commerce
  • Lingnan College
  • ESADE Business School
    • International Corporate Governance & Strategy (3 credits) +
      Corporate governance concerns the relationship between managers and a firm’s other stakeholder groups including shareholders, employees, and the larger community. This course will explore fundamental theories of corporate governance and how governance practices differ across countries. We will discuss how globalization is driving changes in governance and examine different perspectives on what practices are best for international organizations.
    • Strategic Leadership (3 credits) +
      This course seeks to develop students’ ability to respond to complex leadership challenges in a global context. Through experiential learning, students will be better prepared to influence the strategic direction of their organizations. Topics include understanding the role of strategic leaders, crafting organizational narratives, managing cultures, guiding change, balancing stakeholder expectations, and managing organizational threats.
    • Business Analytics for Decision Making (3 credits) +
      This course aims to provide students with a managerial toolkit of analytical skills while also demonstrating the wide range of global managerial situations in which quantitative analysis and business analytics are necessary and relevant. Through case studies and use of current analytical tools, students will gain experience in solving business problems, supporting decision making, and communicating analytical results.
    • Researching & Writing a Global Business Thesis (3 credits) +
      This course focuses on researching and writing a thesis on a global business topic. Students will identify and defend a thesis topic, review significant literature, refine thesis research methodology, present thesis proposal ideas for class critique, revise and formally defend a thesis proposal, and begin initial research. The approved thesis proposal will launch research that will culminate in a formal thesis defense in the spring session.  
    • Global Market Research & Analytics (2 credits) +
      This course is a research-oriented class that examines how firms can leverage customer analytics to create, manage, and grow brands. The class provides students with a strategic framework and analytical tools to develop and execute data-driven strategies that enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Through lectures, analysis workshops, class exercises, and team projects, the course investigates the art and science of delivering customer value.
    • Doing Business: U.S. (1 credit) +
      This course combines relevant classroom discussions, executive presentations, and a study trip to explore the interrelationships between business, politics, and economic development in the United States. We will use texts and documentary films to explore the history of American business and to analyze the factors that have shaped the current institutional environment.
    • Global Operations and Supply Chain Management (2 credits) +
      This course leads students to investigate key operational issues in managing global operations and supply chains. It delivers the latest theories, principles, and methods of modern operations management and supply chain management in global business. The course relies on a combination of case discussions, lectures, readings, and assignments. The principal pedagogy for this course is instructor-led group discussion of the results of quantitative and qualitative analyses performed by students prior to class.
    • Consumer Behavior Across the Globe (3 credits) +
      The purpose of this course is to study the process of consumer decision-making and its determinants, and the resulting implications for marketing strategy. Concepts and theories covered in this course are essential for consumer analysis and the development of effective marketing strategies. A strategic orientation will permeate most facets of this course. At the same time, knowledge of consumer behavior requires an understanding of important theoretical concepts from a series of fields combined with  psychology, sociology, and economics.
    • International Financial Management (2 credits) +
      The main objective of this course is to provide today’s (non-) financial managers with a sufficient understanding of fundamental concepts and tools of financial management. The course starts with reviewing the institutional arrangements and valuation of various financial instruments, such as currency forward, currency futures, and currency options and swaps. Then the discussion moves to the topic of how to use those instruments to effectively hedging a firm' s exposure to exchange rate risk. Finally, we will examine the international dimensions of financing and capital budgeting. The course will have a strong applied orientation. A significant emphasis will be placed on practical techniques and the solutions of issues.
    • Doing Business in China (1 credit) +
      These courses are designed to help students to understand the three regional contexts in which they will be studying as well as the similarities and differences among them. The first course will examine the business context of the United States. The second course will examine the business context of China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Finally, the third course will consider the business context of the European Union, with a special consideration of the challenges faced by the Eurozone countries. Each course will examine the practical implications for both domestic and global companies in a variety of industries.
    • Negotiation in a Global Context (2 credits) +
      Managing intangible assets is becoming one of the main sources of differentiation for companies. Among all intangible assets, the brand is considered to be one of the most important. In this course we will review both seminal and advanced brand-management practices and concepts, all illustrated by case studies across different industries and geographic areas. By the end of the course, you will be able to develop successful brand strategies to manage brands in different business situations.
    • Managing Innovation in Global Operations (2 credits) +
      The dynamics of business have changed fundamentally. Technological advances, global inter-connectedness, and societal changes among other factors create a new setting for businesses. Large corporations experience hyper-competition and limits to growth due to saturated markets for their traditional products. The course is designed to expose you to key areas of managing innovation projects and turning them into real products and services through operational practices and processes. We cover key tools and concepts related to product and service innovation from an operations perspective including idea generation, idea development through experimentation, business opportunity validation, operational strategy, process design and management.
    • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (2 credits) +
      Discover the tools and methodologies to understand, interpret and manage sustainability in corporate settings. In this course you will explore how sustainability issues can have an impact on all organisational units and departments and generate value for the company as well as for society. We will investigate how sustainability can become an integral part of the business model, and thus a source of competitiveness, embedding sustainability practices throughout the organisation and designing innovative solutions through the "bottom-of-the-pyramid", frugal and reverse innovation, and social entrepreneurship frameworks.
    • Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances (2 credits) +
      Understand the complex world of strategic alliances as an integrated process rather than as watertight compartments pertaining to finance, business policy, and human resources. By the end of the course, you will appreciate the complexity of M&As operations and be well aware of the risks they entail. You will also learn how to increase the success factors in these kinds of operations.
    • Doing Business: E.U. (2 credits) +
      Examine the global nonmarket environment of internationalised firms, looking specifically at Europe. We will explore geopolitical dynamics as the overarching trends in a globalised economy. We then examine the European economy, the European Union, its politics and institutions prior to focusing on lobbying at the EU level.
    • Business Simulation Game (2 credits) +
      The Business Simulation Game is an interactive learning experience integrating the most important business administration and strategic management concepts and focusing particularly on the areas of corporate management and business policy. For this, we will use of one of the top business school's (FT top 100) most widespread software.
*Course information is currently accurate but is subject to change.

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  • Application for 2022 Global 3 Program is now open

    Introduction of Global 3 Program
    Lingnan College has collaborated with the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia (USA) and ESADE Business School (Spain) to o🐲ffer a new postgraduate program. The new program is designed for fresh graduates as well as for young professionals with relevant backgrounds and outstanding academic achievements. The purpose of this program is to train future business leaders in implementing global strategies in the real world, and to be able to cooperate well with a diverse range of groups while managing the teams with good cultural competence. The program will explore the complexities of the global business environment from North American, European and Asian perspectives.

    Why choose Global 3 Program?
    • Earn two official master's degrees from the University of Virginia and ESADE Business School, and a certificate from Lingnan College, three of the most prestigious universities in the world.
    • Learn from the most recognized professors at each university.
    • Preparing yourself to be a highly talented future business leader, who understands the complexity of implementing global strategies in a highly dynamic global economy and will be able to lead and manage multicultural teams.
    • Open your mind and broaden your visions while experiencing a strong cultural immersion by living with students from different countries.
    • Get acc𒁃ess to three Career Serv🐻ices to increase your opportunities in working in your favorite industries.


    Admission Requirements
    • Bachelor's degree in Business studies, Economics or Management from a recognized university
    • A minimum TOEFL score at 100 or a minimum IELTS score at 7.0
    • A minimum GMAT score at 580 (or GRE equivalent)
    • Fresh graduates and youn🀅g pr🔴ofessionals with 2 years of full-time working experience or below


    Apply online through:

    Tel: (8620) 8411 1818

  • 该院全球排名运用全球排名硕士生的建设项目(俗称“三个国家的建设项目”)2030年录取重新启动






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    在2022 QS与2021 Financial Times金融时报(以下简称FT)的国际排名中,三国项目分别位列全球第9和第11名, 较去年上升3位,并在这两项排名中蝉联亚太地区第1,高居世界前列。






    USA弗吉尼亚综合大专由USA第3任加拿大总统、《独立性宣言口号》编纂人托马斯·杰斐逊于1819年建立成,有史以来某个200年的校史。在202在一年U.S. NewsUSA公力综合大专排在中弗吉尼亚综合大专位居第4,在世间各国学术交流界亨受盛誉。成为USA诚信度最高的人的公力综合大专产品之一,其麦金太尔商学校曾在USA“商家杂志”商学校评选投票第二排在第一次。在是这样同一所被联手国教科文团队列为世间祖产的校园生活里专业学习,往往特色文化特色文化力量浓浓的,多元文化化的语言英文条件也最让人更受陶冶。 该专科大学座落在于美国的弗吉尼亚州夏洛茨维尔,我也气侯宜人,一整年非常明显。地方偎依在郁郁葱葱的蓝岭山麓,又有青翠清冽的里万纳河从身后穿过,景象着实秀挺。的项目放暑假之季正夏洛茨维尔的冬天,最原始的校院工程建筑在许多的红黄金色看秋叶中若隐若现,美如画轴。  

    6686体育 6686体育 (大学)学院

    6686体育 (上大学时)职业职业技术高校所归于中山上大学时,于198八年由中国教育教学部获批注册成立。职业职业技术高校有AMBA、EQUIS和AACSB四大国际联盟身份实名认证,当上国际还有四大身份实名认证的为数不的商职业职业技术高校之1,跻  身国际优秀团队商职业职业技术高校队伍。 技术员工文化艺术培训项目流程质优,专升本考试平均水平上高校录取评分不断30年名列中山上高校最前某的。技术员工科研项目收获突显出,小编在UTD杂志年均刊出整形论文數量名列中山上高校最前某的,以往多年获国家社科投资基金非常大的及非常大的专业助学金數量居中山上高校理科最前某的。 中山高中6686体育 (高中)员工位于在中南方地区的花城郑州,在珠河水畔看着璀璨夺目的郑州塔。郑州算作打开的研究,商业运作性的发展,多块大洋民族文化结合交流沟通。走过里自学过日子,浸泡在散发行业的商业运作性的之感中,感受生活香江的景致和乐趣。  


    比利时ESADE商员工注册成立于1957年,校园生活处在巴塞罗那和马德里,是比利时四大商员工之1,也是澳洲最新锐的商员工之1。ESADE同时具备AACSB、AMBA、EQUIS四大国家联盟注册,其清晰明了的国家联盟化角度和挺高的客户满足度,使ESADE总是在种类欧洲各省市商员工排列中跻身前矛。在2021 QS全球上菅理专业学位排列中,ESADE商员工跻身欧洲各省市第六。其优质化量的授课平均水平与欧洲各省市领域内的优良口碑,使肄业生生荣获了一些在全球上各省市新锐网络咨询品牌、投行、全球上五top100企业公司办公的有机会。 缴纳战国品牌的大学室友们就会有打开ESADE最靠近巴塞罗那的校区内实行借鉴。“欧式之花”巴塞罗那市最靠近匈牙利北方部波罗的海沿岸,依山傍海,地形雄壮。该城是匈牙利第五大地市,也是加泰罗尼亚自治权区御府。它是响誉当今社会的波罗的海自然风光度假旅游目地地和当今社会知名的的历史和文化和文笔名城,也是匈牙利最猛要的貿易、实业和互联网金融基底。  


    “学员们要想熟知的世纪市场经济的趋势前景,掌控的世纪遥遥领先的企业主的趋势前景动图和行业地产和文化,美中欧6686体育 是绕不以前的坎。故6686体育 这样的投资项目事实上是祝愿把学员们带至美中欧的行业地产初级教程环境,指引大家去诠释去挖掘出的企业主家们后背所见即所感。” ——陈刚传授 中山上大学6686体育 技术学校副专家 在这些三所优异的商高校学校,你现在将体验度不一件的教程模试,欧美高含水量打开式座谈会的英语课堂教学,中企业的信息源浓浓的指导意见性学校,相应阿根廷打开国际级化的模试。每个价段的学校,还是不一件的的挑战,但你现在都将接触到到最真实的商业服务事例,并参予中仅去在运行具体分析。一同也参观考察地方着名的企业的,如我国地理位置自媒体、Google、滕讯、微众银行办理、GAP、Bloomberg等,熟知 企业的在运行的模试和共同点,进一步学校。  


    很多的掌握安排好,课余传统艺术旅记,这些是一车紧身而感悟浓浓的掌握旅途中。國际化的所在班级购成帮同窗们深层次认识丰富化并从丰富化中积淀压力,加入实际的跨传统艺术加盟关心。 三国志品牌的导师出自于各国每一个部委,处身里面要有持续学会。在此种年的研究生品牌里,您们将保证密不可分的建立联系,一块儿学会做品牌,一块儿工作,一块儿乘车,一块儿讨论会时热热议话题,甚至是聊天活动人这一辈子良好。与班内朋友的聊天活动,寓意着你要有持续持续不断提高自个的语言英文性能,极其有所差异之地的文化知识,接收各个辩证法认识,持续升高自个的见识和思维模式。不错 的你确能从孩子们上面成果很多事情、闪耀点和感受。  


    “能和多种发达国家的小伙子伴们同吃同住男同学的时候并太少,进行三个国家新项目有可能才是你生活中唯独的一起时候” ——毛睿 毛睿,17级国家商務硕士研究生小学生,19届三国时期好项目畢業生。现升职于OPPO,被任命为商品先生。  

    1. 丰富而实用的商业课程。从职业发展培训、全方位理论课程设置、一流企业参访、跨文化管理到模拟实战、与企业家交流等,你们将在紧密的课程学习中不断完善🔯自身,提升实力。

    2. 实战经验与技能。你ౠ们将通过同时与来自不同国家的组员组成的多个小组完成项目,锻炼自己的跨文化团队合作以及多任务处理的能力。通过真实的案例分析与模拟运营、企业参访,增加商务实战经验。这都将增强你往后工作的竞争力。

    3. 语言能力与跨文化交际能力。课堂展示、合作交流、日常沟通,在这样一个多元化的班级中,外语表达能力和跨文化交际能力将快速提升。

    4. 广阔的人脉与值得珍视一生的情谊。因共同的志向而聚集在一起的你们,往后将是很🐲好的朋友,甚至合作伙伴。收获的故事,结下的深厚友谊,都将是珍贵回忆。

    5. 多元文化体验。美国的红枫叶、中♍国南方的美景饮食、西班牙的复活节,班级同学的经历分享,旅行的🐬体验,都是一生值得珍藏的回忆。

    6. 更好的自己。与优秀的人一起,6686体育 会成为更优秀的自己。除了语言、实践能力的提升,你也将看到更加开放包容、思维更加多元活跃的自己。


    六、谁是6686体育 想要寻找的学生

    • 本专科学合理历,商科/经济发展安全管理学涉及到的专注 • 英语口语语言表达各种测试不合格(雅思成绩7分及上文或托福一百分及上文) • GMAT成果5100分及以上的或GRE一样的分数线 • 应届是毕业学生或职业新进员工(2年以下的运行成就)   就是你追寻着梦想图片,不想宇宙探索当今世界, 并勇于地走入这一点,里边将是愈加开阔的盛世; 要是你拥有着放开的好心态,良善的真诚, 去结合这样世纪,为单位的经济发展设计自身的努力的, 你就6686体育 要想找的最好的选择的小学生。   质询邮箱账号 资讯联系方式 20 - 84111818


  • Global 3 Program is ranked No.9 & No.11 in QS and FT global rankings respectively Collaboratively established by Lingnan College, McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia (USA), and ESADE Business School (Spain), Global 3 Program made a great achievement of No. 9 and No. 11 in Masters of Management rankings for QS and Financial Times (FT) respectively in the newly released rankings. The program has raised 3 places in both rankings from last year. Global 3 Program retains its first place in Asia Pacific in both QS and FT rankings for two consecutive years.  

    Index Analysis



    According to the QS data analysis, Global 3 has an excellent overall performance, especially in Value for Money, Class & Faculty Diversity, Employability, Thought Leadership, and Alumni Outcomes. These indicators are all in the leading positions around the globe.    


    For FT rankings, the Overall Satisfaction of Global 3 alumni is scored 9.31 out of 10, ranked No.16 around the world, and No.1 in Asia Pacific. This is a reflection of alumni’s wide recognition of the program. International Mobility of Global 3 is ranked No.9 worldwide this year, rising 18 places from its 2020 position. International Course Experience is raised 5 positions this year. The proportion of international faculty and students all have steady growth. In the aspect of employability, the Career Progress of Global 3 is ranked No.19 internationally. The consistent development of Global 3 comes from its strong teaching, openness, and cultural integration. Starting from 2016, the program develops rapidly in only 5 years, and cultivates global business professionals for many multinational organizations. The majority of our graduates are employed by transnational enterprises or domestic leading companies including Accenture, EY, Bain, Unilever, Tencent, Huawei, DJI, Amazon, Alibaba, and HP etc.    

    Voice of Global 3 alumna


    Teacher Insights

    “Doing Business in China is a course that combines theories and practices to demonstrate the heritage and context of Chinese commerce. Showing students Chinese business by visiting representative national organizations. Doing Business in XXX is a series of courses, and also one of the special classes of Global 3 Program. Doing Business in the U.S. and Doing Business in Europe are also offered by our partner schools of McIntire School of Commerce and ESADE Business School. During the courses, students are able to understand and compare the business practice and environment in the U.S., China, and Spain through case studies. When I teach, I can see students with different cultural backgrounds learning from each other. The diversity of students’ cultures and minds are the uniqueness of this program. The program does not only teach business theories and skills, more importantly, it encourages inclusiveness of dissimilarities by requiring students to study and live together in three countries. Based on the outcome of our graduates, qualities like global vision, openness, and diversification are embodied well during their employment, which other employees rarely have.”

    -Prof. LIN Daomi
    Associate Professor

  • Global 3世界管理方法硕士学位顶目想法你的建立 囊括3大重点大学优劣势苏州特色课题,建造创新性必修课程安全体系 创造美中欧之跨境练习体验感,合作中西方企业界操作 融进跨文化艺术之三个校友会无线网络,扶植高度运用菁英   自2016起,中山大专6686体育 学校与美式弗吉尼亚大专McIntire商学校和比利时ESADE商学校这两所当今世界世界级的商学校携手,搜集国内性知名的基础教育产品,共同体建设Global3国内性经营硕士研究生工程项目。

    在2021 QS与2020 Financial Times金融时报(以下简称FT)的管理学硕士排名中,Global 3全球管理硕士项目(简称三国项目)分别位列全球第12和第14名, 并在这两项国际排名中稳居亚太地区第一名






    考生在USA弗吉尼亚、中国国家武汉或是荷兰巴塞罗那顺利图片到位期限为一个月的培训后,会刷快USA弗吉尼亚一本大学本科的全世界商业区研究生研究生毕业学士本科学位(MSc in Global Commerce)、荷兰ESADE商学校的全世界战略性公司研究生研究生毕业学士本科学位(MSc in Global Strategic Management)和中山一本大学本科6686体育 学校的国际级公司证件。



    工程流程大学员于年 时间内在三大国度的世界级商学校展开學習及现在的日子。學習时,祖国大学员将和基北美国家划分、意大利、北美洲不相同国家划分、不相同传统6686体育艺术游戏 背景和技术的领域的大学员互相现在的日子,感觉繁多传统6686体育艺术的交流信息和冲撞,學習跨传统6686体育艺术互动交流与进行合作。工程流程大学员的年龄层成分表达出三国时期工程流程最明显的突出点——展览化,大学员对应基荷兰、祖国、比利时、瑞典、瑞典、意大利、国外等国度和国家划分。






    6686体育://🌌n/GlobalThreeProgramme 进行网申。更多申请信息可在Admission页面查看。


    · 练习模式英文:非全日制 · 自学间隔时间:三年 · 上课时间:瑞典夏洛特维尔(Charlottesville)、中华香港、匈牙利巴塞罗那(Barcelona) · 肄业生先决条件:到位很多培训及安全作业、参加考试、答辨、肄业生文献综述等 · 得到学区房/文凭:意大利弗吉尼亚二本大家、荷兰ESADE商职业技术技术学校双硕士研究生学区房,中山二本大家6686体育 职业技术技术学校课程内容达到文凭 · 根据立即商业服务本国的环境面世上海特色专业: Doing Business in U.S./China/Europe · 公司企业参观 · 和文化休验活动组织 · 佳宾知识讲座  


    · 本科学性历文化程度,商科/国家经济安全管理学有关于行业 · 英语怎么说语音测试仪标准(ielts7分及不低于,托福一百分及不低于) · GMAT总成绩580及超过或GRE同样的总分 · 无hr运作体力的毕业证书生或hr运作新会员(2年低于运作体力)  


        Apply for our 2021-2022 Global 3 Program today!  

    Why should I choose this program?

    The Global 3 Program that is collaboratively established by Lingnan College, McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia (USA), and ESADE Business School (Spain) has achieved No. 12 and No. 14 in Masters in Management rankings for QS and Financial Times (FT) respectively, and No. 1 in Asia Pacific. Being ranked among the top 14 Masters in Management programs in the world by both world leading university ranking organizations with strong international influence means that Global 3 is widely recognized by graduates and employers.

    Our goal is to train future business leaders in the implementation of global strategies and in the management of multicultural teams. It explores the complexities of the global business environment from the North American, European and Asian perspectives. By joining the program, you will travel to three countries for living and studying, and receive TWO Master’s degrees from University of Virginia and ESADE Business School, and ONE certificate from Lingnan College. You will be provided with efficient opportunities to collaborate with individuals from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, and to build your own global network.  

    How well does this program suit me?

    Students with a Bachelor degree in Business Studies, Management or Economics or other business relevant disciplines are strongly encouraged to apply. We are looking for someone who work hard to make a great academic achievement while looking for any chances to become a leader of an outstanding team in the industry. The applicants should have a clear goal of what kind of professional they would like to be in their future career life. Please show us your ambitiousness, creativity, professional experiences, global mindset, and the urge of building your own relationships with those who are leading the industry. The opportunity of receiving practical courses from world-class universities and also to own overseas study experiences is offered to you right now!

    Click on to start your global journey.

    For more information, please go to 6686体育:✃//  

    Contact us via to talk to our admission officer.

  • Global 3 Program enters into top 15 in QS and FT global rankings

    The Global 3 Program that is collaboratively established by Lingnan College, McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia (USA), and ESADE Business School (Spain) has achieved No. 12 and No. 14 in Masters in Management rankings for QS and Financial Times (FT) respectively.

    According to the most recent result published on 28thof September, the program is ranked No. 14 worldwide and No. 1 in Asia Pacific in the 2020 FT Masters in Management rankings. It was the first time for Global 3 Program participatiꦰng in FT rankings.

    FT Ranking

    In the 2021 QS Business Masters Rankings of Management, the Global 3 Program is ranked No. 12 globally and No. 1 in Asia Pacific as well for two consecutive years.

    QS Ranking
    Being ranked among the top 14 Masters in Management programs in the world by both world leading university ranking organizations with strong international influence means that Global 3 is widely recognized by graduates and employers. Taking advantages of the international rankings, Global 3 will make continuous improvements, carry forward its global reputation, and will be committed to cultivating business elites to serve the international business community. Since 2016, the Global 3 Program has been successfully running for 4 years with approximately 200 students from over 18 regions and countries. This program is designed for ambitious business graduates who are keen to explore the complexities of the global business environment from North American, European, and Asian perspectives. During the one-year of postgraduate learning, students spend a certain period of time in the USA, China, and Spain, study and live together with peers coming from different cultural backgrounds and professional fields. The program provides a unique opportunity for those looking to broaden their horizons and prepare for a global career in the complex and dynamic business world.
    Program Logo
  • The Fourth Opening Ceremony of Masters of International Business On September 2, 2019, the opening ceremony of Masters of International Business that is jointly established by Lingnan College, McIntire School of Commerce at University of Virginia (UVA), and ESADE Business School, took a place at the Rotunda, the historic building of the University of Virginia. Nearly 40 students from multiple countries including United States, China, and Europe began their one-year global study.
    McIntire School of Commerce, UVA
    Carl Zeithaml, Dean of McIntire School of Commerce, extended a warm welcome to the new students. He reviewed the orientations of the program and its development in the past four years, then wished the students success studying and living with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
    Dean Carl Zeithaml Addressing the New Students
    Afterwards, the three academic directors of this program, Amanda Cowen (U.S.), LIU Heng (China), and Frank Wiengarten (Spain) gave detailed presentations on the teaching arrangements of the year. The ceremony also had Danny Steeper, the Director of Teaching Affaires of School of Commerce of UVA, and several professors and administrative staff.
    Ms. Angie Turner, Assistant Director of Global Programs, introducing the program
    The Dean also invited students to have dinner at his garden. During the dinner time, students expressed their excitement for the new semester while sharing their stories with each other.
    Students in the Auditorium
    In the following weeks, the students would take part in the Case study demo, cross-cultural teamwork, Career services i.e. “Developing your personal brand”, Business analytics forum, Case interview Prep workshop, and so on. All students were excited about the coming courses.
    Students Visiting McIntire School of Commerce
  • Attending the QS Global Masters Fair - Singapore On November 12, Lingnan College at Sun Yat-sen University participated in the 2019 QS World Grad School Tour Singapore as an exhibitor. The fair was held in Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, with 201 attendees from 33 regions and countries. The event started at 4.30pm and after seminars, students were able to have one-on-one consultations with college representitives. We offered students detailed introduction of the culture and courses of our school and university along with the core status of Guangzhou in Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area. The brochures of our international programs include MBA, CHEMBA, Undergratuate, Postgraduate, PhD, and International Business, were also handed out to students for developing their comprehensive understanding of the programs. For those who had unclear vision of their future study, we helped in matching courses based on their needs and interests. According to QS official statistics, there were 37 colleges and universities from 13 countries presented on the day. Lingnan College was one of the only two Chinese mainland exhibitors.
  • Visit us in Singapore!
    Dear Future Business Leaders, We are excited to announce that Lingnan College will be attending the QS World Graduate Tour in Singapore on November 12th! If you happen to be around, you are more than welcomed to stop by and say hi to us. We will be at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre that day from 16:30-21:00. The International Business program brochures are prepared along with our little gifts and big smiles. It is a FREE entry so bring a friend if you wish. Remember you can get a free professional headshot from a photographer at the event. Also the first 100 to arrive on the day will receive a Starbucks voucher worth SGD10! Come and chat with us, we will show you what it is like to stand in the center of this real business world! Looking forward to meeting you in Singapore Lingnan College Sun Yat-sen University
  • 2019 Graduation Speech- Student Representative, He Rui Good evening everyone! Just 10 months ago, we sat together for the first time in the rotunda at UVA, curious about which country the person sitting beside us was from, or what language he or she spoke. And now 10 months later, we are here, celebrating the end of this long journey as a big family. Time always goes faster than people think, but I invite you to recall, do you still remember the friends who were in the same color group as you in the personality test in orientation? Do you still remember what your thesis teammate wrote in the confidential envelopes? You might find that a lot can happen over the course of 10 months! In this program, we got a comprehensive and systematic education in each field of business. No matter if it was at McIntire, Lingnan or ESADE, we had both theoretical courses and practical training. No matter if it was in Marketing, Finance or Operations, we learned from experienced professors and through our own team cooperation. I still remember the debate sessions organized by Professor Cowen, and how we could all see the same management question from different views. I appreciate that Professor Tingting taught us how to quantify consumers’ attitudes towards brands. I may never forget how to understand operation bottleneck from the example of Herbie’s hiking introduced by Professor Wiengarten. All of these education experiences were not only about teaching us the knowledge or skills we will use in the career, but also meant to show us the philosophy behind our lives and future ahead.
    The study trips in three continents could be one of highlights in this year. We visited the US state department in Washington DC, where we discussed not only academics, but also politics, trade and international relations. In Shenzhen, China, we were impressed by how digital banking is changing people’s lives, thanks to WeBank, Tencent. Here in Barcelona, all of us were excited to visit the Amazon fulfillment center, experiencing how world-class logistical operations can work with smart technology. In addition, this year has also been a long cultural trip. We experienced three unique cultures across the globe, spending Thanksgiving in the US, Spring Festival in China, and Easter holiday in Europe, the most interesting festivals in their right places! Of course, we also had our confusions along the way, such as why Chinese use umbrellas on sunny days, or why western people wait until the last-minute to plan a trip. We also had conflicts from how to structure a PowerPoint presentation, to what the temperature the air conditioner should be set at. But that is all because, we were studying together, and sharing our lives together. When my friends in China asked me what this program is like, I told them it is just like a large pan of Valencian paella. When you put chicken, ribs, onion, beans, and rice, all the stuff in the pan, it really looks like a mess in the beginning. However, when you give it some time, you smell the aromas from the pan, you find that they mixed together perfectly. They used to have totally different flavors, but in the pan, they adapt each other, they change each other. That is why every piece of chicken, every grain of rice gets a better flavor than it had before. That is how each of us becomes a better version of ourselves. To conclude, on behalf of the cohort, I want to thank all the faculties from the three schools for teaching us, leading us, and creating this unique learning environment for us. A special thank you to all the families and friends, especially our parents, for the company and support they have given us not only today, but for our entire lives. Finally, I want to thank the class. I am honored to speak on your behalf, but the real honor is the time I had been spending with you all. At some point in the future, maybe when we least expect, I hope that our paths may cross again. Thank you! Gracias! 谢谢你们6686体育 !
  • Lingnan College Class Reunion of All International Cooperating Programs

    On 30th of May, Lingnan College worked along with Plateno Group to deliver an exceptional class reunion party for ﷽Lingnan graduates from four international cooperating programs including Yale-China/L (U) C Symposium on Global Strategic Leadership Program, Oxford-Lingnan Global Strategic Leadership Symposium, Master of Science in Global 3 Masters in Management, as well as MBA.

    The activity was held in Plateno Group office, Shenzhen, with over 30 attendances on the day. Alumni outside the venue city traveled all the way from Guangzhou and even Hong Kong for the reunion. Mr. Zheng Nanyan, the founder of Plateno Group and the Group’s CFO-Mr. Zhang Wei, shared their career development experiences and entrepreneurship with all alumni. Other than that, they also interacted with individuals by answering their questions regarding career life. The wisdom in their responses surely had an influence on alumni’s attitudes toward professionalism. The discussion also involved the dissimilarities in terms of consuming habits as well as consuming concepts between older and younger generations in China. Alumni there with a wide range of age stages all happily joined this conversation since it really resonated with the group. Numerous ideas and opinions were exchanged, and no one was hesitate on presenting their thoughts because everyone there understood the importance of respecting insights and differences. Many of alumni chose to stay and kept socializing when the event reached to the end, and almost everyone that night showed an intention of joining the reunion party again for next year.
  • WELCOME CLASS OF 2019 “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”  – Thomas Jefferson Contributed by Alissa Rabat and Colleen Betik Greetings from the third M.S. in Global Commerce class as we start our global business adventure at our first destination, the University of Virginia. Our cohort consists of classmates from 13 different nationalities, who will be spending the next four months living together, attending the same classes, learning from each other about our various cultures, and sharing experiences. Our journey through this program will include a year-long business thesis, which we will begin working on at UVA and defend at our final destination, ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. In between these two destinations, we will live and study at Lingnan College at Sun Yat-sen University in southern China, where we will learn about doing business in one of the world’s most critical emerging economies.
  • Ringing in the Year of the Dog and Concluding Our China Experience Our last few weeks in China were jam packed with Spring Festival, team projects, and final exams. Spring Festival is the holiday surrounding Chinese New Year, and MSGC students had 10 days off to ring in the Year of the Dog! This gave us the opportunity to travel around China and experience this cultural event firsthand. I had the opportunity to go home with one of my Chinese classmates, Danyang, to celebrate the New Year with her family.  Other students made trips to see Beijing and the Great Wall, Shanghai with it's amazing skyline, and Xi'an, the eastern end of the Silk Road and site of the Bingmayong (Terra Cotta Army).
    After Spring Festival, it was time to wrap up our classes at Lingnan. Three of our classes had final group projects and one class had a final exam. For each group project, we did an analysis of various companies across different continents on a specific business topic, such as supply chain or consumer behavior. My group, for example, looked at the factors that affect potato chip purchases in China and the United States, specifically for Pringles and Lay's. This allowed us to not only better understand multiple multinational companies, but also make comparisons about their global strategies and presence in different markets around the globe. Overall, China was a fascinating, exciting, and challenging part of the program. From the food and culture to the teaching style and everyday life, it was different from anything I have ever experienced. After living there for 9 weeks, though, I can definitely say that I have broadened my global perspectives and gained a much better appreciation for Chinese culture. I will never forget ringing in the Chinese New Year eating homemade dumplings with Danyang's family, exploring the showroom of one of the world's largest drone producers, or hiking the Great Wall with classmates from all around the world. I can't believe how fast our time in China flew by.  Now, it's time for our next and final destination of the program: Barcelona, Spain!
  • Alumni in Action-2017 The M.S. in Global Commerce (MSGC) program is almost nearing the end of the U.S. term; it’s hard to believe how fast time flies! Even though the program is only in its second year, students from the inaugural class are already reaping the benefits from this unique global experience. Some of the major benefits of this program are the career services resources and alumni networks from three esteemed universities in the U.S., China, and Spain. We spoke with two alumni, Grace (works at Accenture) and Stoan (works at Volvo) about why they chose the program and its positive impact on their careers.
    Grace McLarty & Stoan Stewart, Class of 2017
    Why did you choose the MSGC program? Grace: I chose the program specifically because of its international components. The truly immersive global experiences of this program enhance the degrees exponentially. I knew that I would receive an excellent education at UVA, but what really excited me were the opportunities this program provided for advancing my cross-cultural communication skills. These are skills that are useful in a global business environment, of course, but possibly even more important in a domestic setting. The communication, problem solving, and resiliency you develop through living overseas and working with people from different cultures and backgrounds provides you with a comprehensive, analytical mindset.  This outlook helps you to stand out as an employee in any environment. Stoan: The program offered me an opportunity to go back to school, connect with companies all over the world, and travel to different parts of the globe all in one year. While M.S. degrees are not as well-known as the MBA, I believe programs like the M.S. in Global Commerce are bringing attention to the value of specialized master’s degrees. They meet the need of my generation’s demands for global agility. Who would you recommend this program to? Grace: I would recommend this program to any student with a strong, undergraduate business degree who wishes to further their education as well as develop a unique skill set to help them stand out in a global business career. The international component was a huge draw for me, and I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about expanding their global mindset. Stoan: I would recommend this program to people interested in working in international business. It is one thing to understand that business is global, but a totally different experience to have lived and studied in three countries in just one year. This opportunity not only connects three top business schools, but provides the chance to live and work with students from all over the globe. I knew I wanted to work in a large multinational company, and this program gave me the qualifications desired by these global companies. What type of career and/or networking benefits did this program provide for you? Grace:  The professional and personal growth this program provided me was exceptional. Additionally, having master’s degrees from two internationally recognized universities like UVA and ESADE as well as a certificate from Lingnan provide you with a level of professional credibility that sets you apart from the competition. The relationships I made in the program are amazing. You will have friends, colleagues, and mentors around the world forever. I am so excited to see the impact and influence of these relationships throughout my career. The possibilities are limitless. Stoan: The M.S. in Global Commerce allowed me to develop a global network. I now have contacts in three different business schools and can tap into their alumni networks as well. I owe my current position with Volvo to the hard work and dedication of the career services teams. They were clearly invested in all of our success and it was shown on both a group and individual basis. PS. Here are some career destinations for class of 2017.
  • McIntire School of Commerce (USA), Lingnan College (China) and ESADE Business School (Spain) Celebrate Inaugural Graduates from Joint Program
    A true global model "The global business environment is becoming more complex and interconnected than ever", commented Josep Franch, Dean of ESADE Business School. “New multinational companies are increasingly demanding young executives with an international outlook, who are capable of successfully implementing global strategies and managing diverse multicultural teams”, he said. In response to this trend, "our three schools work closely together with an aim to train future business leaders who can meet society's demands with excellent global acumen and cultural awareness",noted Jun Lu, Executive Dean of Lingnan College. "This program and our first graduates should serve as a true global model", asserted Carl Zeithaml, Dean of the McIntire School of Commerce. "This first year has proven the success of bringing together participants from a wide range of cultures–working in teams and doing fieldwork in different regions of the world",  commented Mr. Franch. "It has broadened their understanding of the world's different cultural and social realities; while the program has also fostered a common 'culture' among the group",he said. "Students have had an exceptional opportunity to be immersed in three different cultures and business environments to develop academic and professional abilities, which will be a valuable asset to their future careers",  Mr. Lu added. "Commerce can be a tremendous catalyst for bringing people together in positive, productive ways", said Mr. Zeithaml. "I truly believe that, through programs which create real, thoughtful, and meaningful engagement with other people, we can build not only better businesses, but a better world". One program, two degrees and three continents This dual master's program consists of four months at the top-ranked University of Virginia; two months in Guangzhou, at one of China's top universities; and four months at ESADE's Barcelona campus. The program allows students to experience the cultural immersion of living on three different continents over the course of an academic year while being surrounded by students from different cultures and professional fields. Students enrolled in the master's programme receive an M.S. in Global Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, a Certificate in International Business from Lingnan College and an MSc in Global Strategic Business from ESADE Business School.
    Find out more about our program:

    Website: 6686体育://🦋alThreeProgramme